Enamored by your Presence


Sometimes I wonder, should I speak openly about how I feel or simply let it fade?

Feelings arise, when I look at you and stare into your soulful eyes.

My heart radiating love, like an artesian well – your smile confiscating my attention.

The way your hair parts or when you speak to me without saying anything at all.

Your passion and devotion for life and others penetrates my spirit deeply.

You lead by your influence, yet despite a strong and inspirational personna, you too are vulnerable and secretly wish to be held tenderly.

Selfless attitude and modesty – you are not entirely convinced just how extraordinarily beautiful you really are.

At least in my eyes.

Even if I were blind, which I have been in the past, I’d recognize your character and purity of heart.

Yes, we’re all flawed and can find it hard to love ourselves fully.

Whispers of loving serenade eventually take root and some days, you graciously accept just how truly wonderful you are.

Inner beauty surrounds you.

Outer beauty reflecting the inner beauty of others.

Magnetic and sensual, your allure draws all kinds of gazes.

Unwavering, the connection you have to one man whose humility is tempered by your formidable feminine prowess.

Unbridled, imperfect and flawed – words can barely describe its magnitude.

He had no sight until the day you entered his life – into his heart; shining a lantern unto the darkness he had lost himself in.




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