Fear of Silence


As time goes on, the urgency to speak freely has become more pronounced and increasingly difficult to do so.

There are times when anger, sorrow, delusions and utter joy spill forth onto paper – yet, the voice from within my complex being never meets the public eye.

I fear recourse for speaking my controversial truths.

Each time I write, I’m a step closer to voicing my true self – my authentic nature. There is no other way I wish to live.

We’re surrounded by critics and if we allow their subjective opinions to matter, we fail before we’ve even given ourselves the chance to begin. So many times I’ve begun, only to allow someone’s pessimism to reign supreme over my pursuit of fulfillment.

I’m so tired of remaining silent and allowing my philosophy, beliefs and insights to fester within my atrofeeding soul. There is no growth in remaining the same and we are never in permanent stasis.

I’m slowly yielding to my fears and am embracing the idea of being stretched beyond my comfort zones. Taking new risks and strengthening weaknesses. Letting go of bias and potential and rather, trusting in spirit to light the path.

Orienting myself towards a service to others soul-ascension course. My endless wants and desires are showing me that no matter how much monetary wealth I accumulate [for example], that I will NEVER be satisfied.

By accepting this notion, I thereby leave a void within to be filled.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

When we free ourselves of energy that no longer serves, we grant Nature [to compete] to fill that space; replacing whatever energy we’ve thus shed. We have a choice, whether to realign with old behavioral patterns or create new neural passageways that align us with what our heart is drawn to.

So what can I imagine replacing my desires with?


Connecting with others and helping one another live harmoniously may sound ideal, but when there’s nothing left or when we have nothing we can take with us, then we can imagine and experience what coexisting naturally is like.


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