Path into the Unknown


Wandering through time, our path revealed each new moon light.

In an ordinary world, we become lost in our senses – true madness revealed.

To this very day, I confine my words – my thoughts. Fear of criticism, lingering in mind. Which is the greatest betrayal – silencing one’s voice or being shunned by others?

Navigating the waters of what is still largely misunderstood – interpretation of the mind, where vast deposits of potential exists.

Why do we live in such a radically cliche world?

I’m baffled, at how we work so hard to be a “fit-in” society when the whole point of expansion is to escape from what’s known or perceived.

Years of silence and whispers, eventually turning into defensive posturing have led to a better understanding of who I inherently am. We must avoid running from ourselves so we may provide opportunity for reflection and healing.

Reject, ignore and surmount the voices of criticism – both from within our own mind and from the outer construct of our world. Listen and feel, for your intuition’s presence to rise through.

The sacrificial path into the unknown is a rites of passage for wanderers. An awakening spirit craves expansion through direct experience. It can be a desolate and despairing path, trodden with guilt, shame and sorrow weeping from within us.

Steering away from social norms and progress, this path that we so fervently trust is humbling yet terrifying. I recognize those who have sacrificed and suffered deeply. We live completely segregated, as class.

Reminders that we are not just our body or identity, helps me realize the greater aspect of this grand experiment – we are all connected.


























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