Bridging the Divide.


Let your soul’s roots intertwine.

Allow a cosmic dance to spiral downward from each crown, in an orchestra of light plunging toward the origin of Earth.

Light ruptures our spirit’s shells, dividing and splitting us into two.

Feel her thoughts—her rhythm. Allow your heart to listen and to hear its whispers reverberate her song.

The twinkle in her eye, a smile that pierces armor. Not a man, who can see her, defies his vulnerability to bow in admiration.

Worlds apart, yet mysteriously woven—two lover’s intimate bond.

Let it be, for what stand as obstacles, are but shattered illusions of mind—silence be the only decay. It would be tragic, if two mate’s collision be kept from a miserly fear that a dream can come true.

Time unlocks the passage to navigate a labyrinth—if two soul’s shall unite. Both must stop questioning what bursts from their core—we are but vessels for such sensual passion to explore its contemporary.

Scream her name through the ethereal never-world. Like a birdsong, your heart-strings strum a tune only she can hear. Let it be known that a man is capable of feeling, listening and being strong too. Albeit masculine strength is not in its entirety, physical.

Our true nature is to love and endure the endless battles, waged in mind and fought in spirit. No war is won by none other than utter surrender. No valley can contain the flood gate of thine potential—cascading from the heart’s Artesian well.

No demonstration or tactic will win her fatal attraction more so than his admission of humility in her presence. Can he speak more words than fill the endless hallways of libraries? – Yes. A wiser man understands her silence and patiently listens for his guidance to speak from within.

Stop making sense of your life, long enough for the ladder work of thy Creator’s love to descend from the cosmos, down through your light column—trickling onto the shadowy realms of our primal nature.

Two polarities masquerading around the proverbial fire under a blanket of darkness and bathing of stars, in an eternal, ceremonial celebration around our mother’s womb—the chi within her Sacral belly.

Let your spirit animals mingle in an instinctual renaissance of chase. Observe the intricate web that instills and reinforces your place here—purpose and procreation becoming clear.

Catch her tears and bless her struggles with your compassion—never tethering her wings. Open yourself to her, unguarded and protect the space surrounding her inner expansion.



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